About Me

I strive for making high quality photos available to everyone from designers and CG artists to average viewers. I truly believe that great works of photography are based on certain skills and techniques. There are a lot of factors that make an ordinary photo an outstanding one. But nowadays even ordinary photos are not available for wide usage without paying a certain fee.

However, there are some photographers and artists, both enthusiastic and professional, who believe that creativity should not be restricted by money or law. I am one of them, and I am glad to offer you my photos and a lot of other works of my portfolio without any charge. It means you can always get my latest photos taken all around the world without paying a cent.


  • 2002 – MAGNUM 30 under 30, Winner
  • 2014 – The Other Hundred, 1st Prize
  • 2017 – Leica Oskar Barnack Award